Nov 12, 2010

A research study has found that the iPhone 4 is the most reliable smartphone, but it also has one of the highest accident rates of any smartphone.
Despite its antenna problems and glassy back crack issues, the iPhone 4 has been deemed to have fewer malfunctions than any other smartphone, according to SquareTrade Research. The company analyzed the failure rates of more than 50,000 smartphones and determined that Apple had the least number of malfunctions. Motorola and HTC also performed admirably.
A mere 2.1 percent of iPhone 4s are projected to malfunction in their first year, says the research company. Motorola almost tied Apple, clocking in at 2.3 percent, followed by HTC at 3.7 percent. BlackBerry phones were more prone to malfunction, with 6.3 percent projected to have a problem.

Courtesy: DigitalTrends