Jul 22, 2013

Until lately I was just an 
amateur user of Microsoft Word (like most of us) as the only uses were to write official letters, resum
é and the occasional proposals and technical documentations.

My job forced me to go deep into the (now what i feel) vast world of Word and realized that there's more to this piece of software than calling it the overloaded everyday text-editor

Here's a handy tip without which i would've spends hours trying to remove multiple section breaks in a 200 page document.

Remove all section breaks using Find and Replace

1. Click Home > Replace to enable this utility.
2. It will display a Find and Replace dialog. Click More>> button to show more options. See screenshot:
3. Place the cursor in the Find What field, and select the Section Break from the Special pull-down menu;
Step 4: There will be a “^b” character in the Find What field, and click Replace All.