Jul 19, 2013

Would you install an Android app that put ads directly on your smartphone’s lock screen? No? What if you were paid to do so, and whenever you swiped to unlock your device, you made a little money? That’s the promise of a new mobile application called Locket, launching today for Android, backed by $500,000 in funding from Great Oaks VC and a couple of undisclosed angel investors from the entertainment and marketing industries.

Unfortunately, currently its available only in the US, so I'm not able to download it form the Play Store. I hope to find an APK soon enough (i tried), but am pretty sure that the payments will only be made to US accounts. Lets wait n see.

Advertisers place an ad on your lock screen, and you are paid a single cent each time you unlock your device. Of course, this will be limited to just $0.03 an hour, and you can then opt to cash out, use the accumulated funds on a gift card, or even to make a donation to your favorite charity.

So, if you were to unlock your device’s display three times a day round the clock throughout the whole year, you would get $262.80. Not really worth it, but good nonetheless.