Aug 1, 2013

Facebook announced this morning that it is launching “embedded posts.” Essentially, you can now embed a Facebook post, picture, or video in any website, anywhere, as long as the post is public. The process is identical to embedding YouTube videos on your blog.

Once embedded, a post is like a little bit of Facebook living on your website. Visitors can like the post, and share it right from your blog. In addition, visitors can like the page from which it originated right from the embedded post, or, if a post has been published by an individual, they can follow the original poster right from the embedded post.

Here’s an example of an embedded post:

The posts allow about 100-150 words within the embed; to read longer posts you’ll have to click “See more” and follow the link back to the original post on Facebook. In addition, to comment on a post, visitors will have to follow a link back to Facebook.

Facebook is rolling out the feature slowly, starting with CNN, Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, People, and Mashable, and broadening the launch to other sites “soon.”

As always, check your sharing settings as Facebook has a history of opening up big cans of privacy worms that cause massive user backlash.

Source: VentureBeat