Aug 17, 2013

The Premier League 2013-14 season is just a few hours away, with Liverpool hosting Stoke in the opener. This season has to be definitely one of the most open compared to all the previous, now that Sir Alex Ferguson has FINALLY retired.

Jose chetan is back at Chelsea. Moyes at United. Martinez at Everton. Pellegrini at City. Wenger is STILL there at Arsenal. Brendon Rodgers and AndrĂ© Villas-Boas gets their second and crucial season at Liverpool and Tottenham.

Not a lot of player movement as expected before the transfer window opened. But there's the frantic 14 days still left which could see Suarez and Rooney jumping ship. Manchester City has had quite a makeover especially upfront with the departures of Tevez and Balotelli and other players coming in.

So yes, it should be an entertaining one to the die-hard-faithfuls and the neutrals alike.

Here's a promo video for the 22nd season of the Premier League.