Sep 10, 2013

Windows Operating System is the most widely used OS till date. Being a widely used OS, users have multiple application installed and running. Sometime users are not able to keep the License Key of those products in a safe place and hence they have to look for a way around to get it, if in case of re-installation of those applications. So, to retrieve the license key of any product here is a tool called key finder, designed by Belarc Advisor software.

Belarc Advisor software is a free diagnostic utility for Windows, which is capable to detect and show details about various hardware and software’s detail. It can retrieve license key of all the software’s that are installed on the computer using a product key.

The User Interface of the tool is poorly designed and presents the result in HTML format on browser. But, the amount of information the tool shows up is simply awesome. The tool captures the license key of the product from the registry and shows up name of software installed along with the product key. Since, Windows doesn't offer any such tool to retrieve license key so we have to rely on third party software.

How to find License Key of Any Product:
  • Download Belarc Advisor for Windows.
  • Once the installation is completed, it is going to update the software by connecting to the server.
  • After the software update is completed, it automatically scans the computer and will show the result on a webpage.
  • On the webpage, navigate to “Software Licenses” tab and you will find the license key of all the software’s those are installed on the computer.